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Am unable to get ShipStation to cancel Global Post


Long story, but my shipping times have gone way up with Global Post and after they recently put the wrong label on my shipment at the California hub, I am officially done with Global Post. I was told on here that I could get Global Post turned off. Easier said than done.

I am stuck in customer service hell with ShipStation. I asked them to remove Global Post from my account and they told me that it was already off. It is not. I sent them pics of the GP labels that continue to be generated for USPS international shipments. They then sent me a video link that was supposed to offer "guidance on  how to send up a Stamps Request to remove GAP." The video has no sound and is of an interface that I have ZERO familiarity with. The video shows a cursor moving around and filling in information and that's it. Again, I have no idea what this interface even is. It's not ShipStation. I told them that the link was not helpful and that they needed to help me deal with this issue. Now I just got a terse email telling me that I needed to provide them with the additional information that they need. They never told me to provide them with additional information. They also said that if they didn't get an answer in ONE day, they would move my issue to "Solved status." So they don't do their job and if I don't get back to them quick enough, they get to mark it as solved. Unbelievably bad customer service. Just jaw dropping.



Hello @tony11


First of all, thank you for continuing to be a part of our community and for providing us with this feedback. 


This is not the experience we wish to leave any of our members with at all.  Support management has been notified about this experience so we can make sure this does not happen again. I will also be direct messaging you with some additional information about your case. 


For anyone else looking to disable GAP on your account the steps are as follows to initiate this request: 


To opt out of the Global Advantage Program:


If you do not want to use GAP labels, you must contact ShipStation Customer Support with the following information:


  • First and last name on the account
  • First and last name of credit card holder
  • Username
  • Email address
  • Billing address



Thank you again for sharing and allowing us the chance to make this right, 


-Erin: Your Friendly Neighborhood ShipStation Community Manager 


Thanks Erin! 

Hi @tony11


You are so welcome! I hope you have an amazing weekend! 


-Erin: Your Friendly Neighborhood ShipStation Community Manager 

Occasional Contributor

Hi Erin,

I'm also trying to have GAP removed from our account. I just chatted with ShipStation support and they told me GAP was not activated on our account. Our international shipments have GlobalPost labels. Support further told me it was issue, not a ShipStation issue. I contacted and they told me we could not opt out of GAP/GlobalPost. 

All of the above seems to contradict the guidance here. I'm really just trying to find out what the truth is because the mandatory switch to Global Post in March 2023 is causing us major problems. 

Occasional Contributor

UPDATE: So I started another chat with ShipStation (different agent a couple hours later) and this agent said, "no problem, we'll have this taken care of before end of day." GAP was removed from our account (and our labels were back to normal) in about 4 hours. 

To recap, the first agent told me the following 3 things...none of which were true. Sooooo. Not really happy with the first agent.

  1. GAP could not be disabled 
  2. GAP was not enabled on our account
  3. GAP was determined by not ShipStation

Also thanks to Tony for starting this thread that lead me to a solution and thanks to Erin for posting the correct information. If a ShipStation agent tells you "it can't be done" they are wrong and you should talk to someone else. 

Hello @jason10


Thanks for being a part of our community and for sharing not only your feedback but your resolution with us. I apologize that you were provided incorrect information and I am making sure that that this feedback is passed along. 


So happy you were able to find a resolution. 


-Erin: Your Friendly ShipStation Community Manager