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DHL eCommerce - UK Integration

Occasional Contributor

The carrier DHL eCommerce which is available to USA Shipstation accounts only should be made available to UK accounts.


This would increase UK customers - many other companies which would be interested in Shipstation if they carry this option. Many competitors to Shipstation do offer this to UK accounts. It becomes difficult to split and manually process some orders via CSV upload 


I have spoken with the carrier who are hoping to see this happen. 


I'm aware of this ideas post requesting the same for Canadian shipstation accounts in 2016. This was marked as Started ‎11-30-2021 10:44 AM


New Contributor

I agree with you TomW - we use DPD in the UK but their service is declining recently and we want to move to DHL - but sadly it doesn't work on Shipstation which we love so we are now considering moving to another solution.  The DHL rep says it is coming very soon but I would love someone to just say yes or no.