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How can I set up UPS daily pick up?


I pay around $13/week for Fedex daily pick up.

I wonder how can I do that with UPS(shipstation).


Before I asked to ShipStation tech support, and it looked like they don't know well about it. 


Thank uyou. 


Hello there @cs


Thank you for posting about this in the community. We are thrilled to have you with us


At this time, UPS Daily Pickup is not available via UPS thru ShipStation. This is actually an Idea post that one of our other users put up! You can vote on UPS From ShipStation Daily Pickup here!


Additionally, you can of course set that up with your UPS account directly in the meantime. 



From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!


We were $11-13 a week til I moved shipping to shipstation, now $30 and 3rd party inbound is at super high rates UPS said you don't use us that's why. I said we do! just not on our account but shipstation"s...its the same volume but she said it makes them obsolete. I love your prices but need a weekly pick-up.