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UPS Shipping Guarantees when shipping with Shipstation's UPS account - NO SUPPORT!


When shipping on Shipstation's UPS account, I have not been able to get any refunds from shipstation when Overnight shipments don't show up on time. UPS guarantees their shipments to arrive next day, or refund your shipping.  Sometimes this shipping cost $100 to $300 even with Shipstations's discounts.  When it doesn't arrive on time, there is a form on UPS's page to submit a refund.  Its as simple as entering a tracking number when logged in to UPS.

When you ship on Shipstation's UPS, there is no way to submit a refund through a form.  Originally support replied and said that the only way to get refunds was to reach out and open a ticket, but now they have stopped replying to that ticket.


It's a problem as UPS only allows you submit refund requests within 14 days, and I am approaching that with no response from Shipstation support.  


Have any other users been able to successfully be refunded for guaranteed service shipped on a UPS shipstation account?  If so, how?





Hi @Brian_B ,

Thank you for being a member of our community and for this feedback. 
You are correct that there are no forms yet to submit refund requests for guaranteed service shipments yet. However, we did forward this suggestion and the feedback about your experience along to our billing team to look into for the future. We are constantly working to improve this process for all users. 
  I can tell you- as someone who used to do some billing work here- that our billing agents are still hard at work with UPS to advocate for you and get your claims filled as quickly and painlessly as possible. 
If anyone else- who is using UPS from ShipStation- needs to file a Guaranteed Service claim please reach out to ShipStation support with the following information: 
  • Tracking Number
  • Service used
  • Ship date
  • Date it should have arrived
  • Date it arrived

In terms of current eligibility, Shipments shipped on or after April 5, 2021 with the following services are now eligible for Guaranteed Service Refunds (GSR):

  • UPS Next Day Air®

  • Early UPS Next Day Air®

  • UPS Next Day Air Saver® UPS

  • UPS Worldwide Express NA1®

  • UPS Worldwide Express Plus®

  • UPS Worldwide Express®

  • UPS Worldwide Express Saver®

  • UPS Worldwide Saver

  • UPS Worldwide Express Freight® Midday

  • UPS Worldwide Express Freight®

Guaranteed Service Refunds (GSR) is still suspended for all other services.


Additionally, I have reached out to you via DM about your specific situation. 


-Erin: Your Friendly ShipStation Community Manager 

Occasional Contributor

I thought the way to go about it was voiding the label if it was late. But then they re-charge you weeks later. It's one of the main reasons we're looking at other options for our shippings. It's taken nearly a month of back and forth with ShipStation to get basic refunds for late deliveries. Then they quote an international package to Mexico $30 and you get an adjustment for another $40 even when all information is entered correctly in the label. When you ship quite a bit, it's normal to have a $200 balance and the next day be at -$45 because they decided to overcharge a bunch of packages or re-charge for the late deliveries after being voided. 

Occasional Contributor

Any update on this. 

How does one get a refund when a next day package fails to arrive on time? 


I've had this happen a couple of times, and unfortunately, Shipstation's approach seems to be to make it as difficult as possible and take as long as possible, even when providing all of the info they tell you to provide. My guess is that this is potentially a profit line for them, since they likely have someone on staff auditing all of those shipments, and making sure they get credited on any that don't arrive when expected, they then assume a percentage of people will not make claims for refunds.


Stay on them, and be prepared for them to try and use any excuse in the book. Also, always get a receipt for drop-off when you do overnight, it shows it was received on time as it should have.