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WIX Integration - BROKEN!


Hi All,


I am reaching out to check if anyone else here is having MAJOR Wix integration issues for the last month...We are being told by customer support this a COMMUNITY WIDESPREAD ISSUE; Yet have not ETA on when this will be fixed.


As of Sept 25th we have been having issues were Shipstation no longer can write anything to the "Marketplace" so no tracking #'s are being sent to Wix showing that all our orders remain unfulfilled and needs to be manually copied over one at a time. Also, because Shipstation shows an error in communicating to marketplace Shipstation also won't communicate with customers via email directly through Shipstation.


Lastly, at the same time Shipstation no longer is receiving "Cancelled" status on orders from Wix when cancelled and refunded. Shipstation tells me "this is not a supported feature" although it's been working for a year.




Hello there,


Thank you for taking the time to post about this in the community! 


I looked into this situation and can confirm that our product team has eyes on this 🙂 While I cannot provide an ETA currently, we will be sure to update the community with this resolution once it has been reached! 



From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!


I can confirm that the Wix Integration is still broken and is a major problem.

We run mulitple integrations with different web-hosts and Wix is the only one not working.

This is causing major problems with the notifications not working so jobs remain as unfulfilled and the Tracking numbers aren't transferred.

We only moved to this system for this integration and now we are into the busiest time of year it is only going to get worse and make using Shipstation pointless.

This needs to be resolved ASAP and an ETA provided even faster.