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Ecomdash and shipstation?


Original post by user Byron Stout


Hey all.


we use ecomdash for inventory management, kit building, built product building etc. We have multiple brands, on multiple marketplaces. 


We want to use shipstation for our shipping. But we are not sure if we should connect ecomdash directly and port the orders to shipstatation or if we should just connect each individual marketplace to shipstation. 


Neither shipstation or ecomdash could really help. 


Occasional Contributor

I use both also!  I don't connect Ecomdash to Shipstation - for these two reasons:

When I did, The order number in SS became the Ecomdash order ID.  I wanted to be able to see the Ebay and Amazon order number instead, in SS.

Also the timeliness of the orders entering SS from Ecomdash was really slow.

PS - do you dislike Ecomdash as much as I do?  The ONLY thing they do well is inventory for kitting and bundling.


New Contributor

I have been using Ecomdash for 5 years and had to bumble through to understand how to use it... recently, their shipping module broke, and wouldn't pull shipping rates from our FedEx account.  It has been 7 days!  And Ecomdash support has kept me in the dark.

I have in parallel had a subscription to SS for some time just in case... and the fact that they have a great dashboard.
Now I am forced to ship using shipstation because of a lack of support from Ecomdash to fix it.

Do you at least allow Shipstation to sync with the inventory in Ecomdash... so that you cannot print labels for a product that is not in stock?

So you completely use each software separately?  All of the order info comes directly from each sales channel into Shipstation?  And you just use Ecomdash for Kitting and Bundling?

Thanks in advance for any information... would love to connect with you about business stuff given we are using the same software.