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Error 404 when connect to ETSY

Occasional Contributor

start yesterday, there error message, shows 'remoted server error 404"

unable to pull order from ETSY,

when i try to del the store and re add it,

 and i try put username in there and find store, it still show the same message error 404,



I have the same issue. Orders stopped syncing since yesterday. The error I got is "An error occurred attempting to update orders: The remote server returned an error: (403) Forbidden"


When trying to reset the marketplace connection, I'm getting this error "We received an error from Etsy: The remote server returned an error: (404) Not Found"


So, I just tried again and this time it worked. It feels like it was a problem on Etsy's side. Maybe? Anyway, resetting the marketplace connection no longer gave me a 404 error.


Same here, cannot update Etsy orders. 


Same here. I can't seem to reconnect it either. It gets a 403 Forbidden.

Etsy is not connected to (where Shipstation pulls the info).


What I got from Shipstation: Etsy recently was having issues with 3rd party account connections. This has since been resolved by their teams! You can reconfigure the store with the following instructions

- log out of Etsy
- log into ShipStation using an incognito window
- Navigate to Account Settings (gear icon) > Selling Channels > Store Setup > click the three dots [•••] under Actions and 'Edit Marketplace Connection'

As a note the Username for the account is different that the username used to log in, here's some instructions on how to find this:


I followed the instructions. But when I click on the "Edit Marketplace Connection" I get "request failed with status code 404". Now I have to enter in my orders manually. I am number 30 in the live chat. Looks like a lot of people are having problems.

New Contributor

Has anyone found any solutions or updates to this?  Mine is still having the same issues and won't connect and import orders.  


Now when I log into shipstation, a message pops up saying "Etsy Outage". They are investigating it.

New Contributor

It is still not working, any update?


I spoke to customer shambles about this last night. No solution, no ETA, no suggestions. No response to any support tickets either. Shipstation is now an order management company that believes importing orders is a minor feature that doesn't deserve much attention when it critically fails.

Occasional Contributor

To be fair to ShipStation here, this is an Etsy outage. If you haven't already, check the Etsy Community. They broke every integration somehow and have provided practically no updates. 

Ebay is not updating too. Shipstation needs better communication with their business partners.

Well, within 10 minutes of giving up on shipstation support we found a way to repair the connections and import orders, but out of curiosity left one etsy channel broken to see how long shipstation would take to 1)repair the problem 2)propose a solution 3)reply with an update/ETA


Over 24hrs have passed and they have done none of those things. What they have done, is mark the tickets as solved so it no longer makes the metrics look bad.


The problem may have originated with etsy, but the response by shipstation has been its usual - deny, deflect and ignore.

How did you fix it?



I tried again today for both Etsy and Ebay.  I followed the instructions. But when I click on the "Edit Marketplace Connection" I get "request failed with status code 404". I don't understand why Shipstation cannot fix this?


Same problem. Shipstation customer service is a joke! NO WAY TO GET AHOLD OF ANYONE. YET THEY CASH THAT CHECK. Does anyone know of a similiar service that I could switch to?

New Contributor

I resolved this for my stores:


  • In ShipStation Go to Selling Channels
  • Go to Store Setup
  • Go to Edit Marketplace Connection
  • Enter your Etsy username
  • Back in ShipStation click on Find my Stores
  • Click Connect
  • Then click the acceptance on the next page

At that point you should be re-connected and able to import orders. At least I was - ymmv.



Hello Everyone, 


Thank you all for your participation in the community. 


Sorry to hear that you were having trouble with your Etsy connections and getting in contact.


It was reported today that Etsy addressed the root cause. If you are having issues, reseting the connection as stated by @jasonkwalz should fix any lingering errors. 



-Erin: Your Friendly  Neighborhood ShipStation Community Manager 

I've been trying to get reconnected multiple times but it wasn't working. Until ShipStation support pointed out my mistake (which I'm very grateful to them for...). You gotta make sure when reconnecting the store to input your username NOT the store name.

Hello @thefreshner, 


Thanks for being a part of our community and for reaching out. 


I see that you were able to reach out to our support team, is everything working for you now? 


Please let us know, 


-Erin: Your Friendly Neighborhood ShipStation Community Manager