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Packing Slips with Multiple orders

New Contributor

Hi all,

We are trying to create a packing slip that contains multiple orders and is able to categorize each line by the order number, as well as a purchase order number that is provided by our wholesale clients. I noticed on the Pick list you can include order numbers for each product. Is that possible on a Packing slip? Is it also possible to include the purchase order number that our customer used as reference? We have this built into our current ERP but are having trouble making the layout work on Shipstation. I have attached a picture of part of our ERP packing slip. It contains the order number, customer Purchase order (reference), part number and description all on one line. The packing slip is a multi-order packing slip. Can shipstation MAP out such packing slips in that way?





Currently, ShipStation's packing slip are order-specific. So there is not a way to build a packing slip that can pull data from multiple orders like you're requesting. Though, you can print the PO number on the pick list if that detail imports from the selling channel and you map it to one of your custom fields (or manually enter it into a custom field). You would just need to add that custom field field replacement to your packing slip template. 


The pick list is the document that is more closely aligned with this use case because can create a pick list for any group of orders you select. But the pick list customization options currently only organize by item SKU or Name. You can't organize it by order number and you can't add more information to it (like PO numbers) at present. You can see the customization options if you go to Settings > Printing > Printing Setup and then click Document Options for Pick Lists: 


Customizable pick lists are a hugely requested feature and our product team is looking at how we can implement a lot of these requests. It would be great if you could add your comment to the existing thread on our Product Feedback page. (we hope to merge our product feedback board with our community in the coming months so all discussions will happen in one centralized place - but for now, the feedback board is separate from the community). 

Sarah H.
Austin, Tx