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Big Cartel not importing phone numbers


Original post by user Ben Jillard


Among the stores I manage are quite a lot of artists using Big Cartel.  I'm getting told off by both UPS and DHL for not supplying customer phone numbers when I ship out orders as they're not being imported by ShipStation.  A while back I talked to Big Cartel and they told me that their API does supply the phone number with orders and the hooks or whatever ShipStation need are there to get them.  I did put in a support case about this a while back but thought that as I'm still getting in trouble I might try posting about it here instead.


Given that most express couriers now insist on a phone number is it possible to prioritise this feature if, as they say, BigCartel are now forwarding that info.  I don't have the time to copy and paste a phone number into hundreds of orders.



This is really getting to be a major issue.  DHL and UPS are insisting on phone numbers and I'm running a load of Big Cartel stores now.  Copying and pasting phone number from every order is a tedious and unnecessary task.  

I've spoken to Big Cartel and their API is forwarding the phone number information on so it just needs Shipstation to add the functionality.  Please do!!

Thanks for your comment! I've done some research on this and our development team is currently planning on adding the ability to import customer phone numbers to the Big Cartel integration. We don't have an ETA quite yet, but we'll post an update here when there has been progress. 


Thanks so much for your feedback and your patience!

Sarah H.
Austin, Tx

We deployed an update to the BigCartel integration today that allows importing the customer phone number, if it's present on the order. 

Sarah H.
Austin, Tx


Yay!  Thanks team that is awesome and will save me lots of time.  Very appreciated.