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Prevent import of items with no SKU

Occasional Contributor

I import orders from PayPal. When my eCommerce code gives PayPal an order, there is always a line item for taxes/discounts/coupons that has no SKU but must be included for the price to be correct.


When an order is imported into ShipStation, this line item is also included, and it makes working with orders difficult.


I'd like an automation where I can simply say that line items without SKU are ignored. Or some way to ignore line items with no SKU.


I can't even delete them by hand, as deleting an item is not supported when that items is imported from PayPal.


Please advise! Thanks!


Super User
Super User

Have you tried the new layout? Discounts should be moved up to the summary, but let me know if that isn't the case.

Occasional Contributor

Screen Shot 2021-04-19 at 11.24.27.png

Nope. Notice that there's a line item with no SKU. This is coming from PayPal as an item, not as any other kind of data, so ShipStation is treating it like it's a purchased product.


I need anything coming in with no SKU to be ignored. There is an option in automations to take action when an item has no SKU, but there's no "ignore it" action.