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We need to be able to edit or delete customers from the database without having to upload a csv file. Below are a couple examples for when this would be helpful. I'm sure others here will agree that some simple database management would be greatly appreciated. I recently had to correct a type-o in a customer record and the process is just unreasonable. Download an example .csv file, add ALL the customer information (not just what needs changing) upload the file, and finally make sure that the original profile was correctly overwritten. It should be as simple as hitting an edit button, changing what needs changed, and hitting save. I have two customers with the same name. Lets call them John Smith and Smith Electrical Corporation. I send a package to Smith Electrical about once a month. John Smith ordered once from our website over two years ago. Whenever I type "Smith" when making a new order, guess who comes up as the first result! There's no need for John to still be in the system, why can't I easily delete his record?
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Adding to this that once again, I have had to raise a support ticket to delete orders from ShipStation to be able to delete a customers information. Slows things down hugely for us and they are getting more frequent.


Hello dtguktf!


Thank you for your post! We always appreciate reminders about features that customers want to see. The above community member is correct; uploading a new CSV is the only way to edit or delete a customer.  I wanted to make sure to let at least you know you are being heard. 


-Happy Shipping, and have a good rest of your week! 



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So please fix it! This is literally database 101 stuff. 


I'm shocked to see that people have been asking for this for 7 years and it's still not been fixed. 


This is such a basic request