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Status: Investigating
We need to be able to edit or delete customers from the database without having to upload a csv file. Below are a couple examples for when this would be helpful. I'm sure others here will agree that some simple database management would be greatly appreciated. I recently had to correct a type-o in a customer record and the process is just unreasonable. Download an example .csv file, add ALL the customer information (not just what needs changing) upload the file, and finally make sure that the original profile was correctly overwritten. It should be as simple as hitting an edit button, changing what needs changed, and hitting save. I have two customers with the same name. Lets call them John Smith and Smith Electrical Corporation. I send a package to Smith Electrical about once a month. John Smith ordered once from our website over two years ago. Whenever I type "Smith" when making a new order, guess who comes up as the first result! There's no need for John to still be in the system, why can't I easily delete his record?
First-timer (legacy)
Here here. I really don't understand how we don't have basic edit/delete functionality in the customer tab. People's information changes and it shouldn't take a CSV file to edit things (and even then it doesn't work all the time). Customers should have basic contact/address book style functions.
First-timer (legacy)
Posted this a while ago and I've emailed CS about this and they said to post here. So I'm commenting on my post and on another. Just looking for access to the customer database in basic edit/delete functionality.
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Hi Wil. I'm requesting the same delete functionality to comply with the new EU data regulation, GDPR, regarding the right to be forgotten. We have EU customers and need the ability to delete their records if and when requested. I've requested info via support and they asked me to put up a feature request because there isn't a way to do delete a customer and their order within shipstation .... (post hasn't been approved by moderator). Seems like a legal inquiry for compliance vs IT feature? I'm still waiting for further updates as they research my request.
First-timer (legacy)
yeah, its a PITA to modify a customer or correct their address when you have to create an upload file to do it and manually enter all the data. At minimum, at least export and use the same file layout to import would be good. At least that way (if we have a search filter prior to exporting) we can upload the customer back again quickly. If not then i'm ok with exporting all customers, even though it would be redundant to do so, deleting what i don't want and re-importing the corrected file back
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Hi @Susan Suarez simplyWORKOUT -- thanks for the feedback! I'm sorry for the confusion in regards to how to handle GDPR. Please go ahead and let our support team know about this and we handle this for you. I've gone ahead and let updated folks on our end about this.
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The current steps needed to update customer info are insane. Every other system I use with an address book or customer record allows you to manually create a new customer or simply update any field for a given customer. The CSV upload is great for a bulk customer import but takes way too much time for a single customer, and more importantly, is error prone, especially since there is no way to export the existing customer information. One proposed workaround is to create a fake order, change the customer address, and then delete the order. That's great and all, but you shouldn't require such a hacky workaround just to get something really basic like this to work!
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I've sent packages to the wrong address several times now because of this insane shortcoming of ShipStation. How is it that an ONLINE SHIPPING PORTAL does not allow the user to edit customer's SHIPPING ADDRESSES. Uploading CSV files is not a solution. This problem has existed for YEARS now. What are you waiting for, ShipStation??
First-timer (legacy)
Please allow direct editing of the Customer information, without the cumbersome step of having to upload spreadsheets of customer data. We recently had a typo with an email address and it needs to be corrected, and it is difficult to do this with the current method. People move, change phone numbers and email addresses - giving direct access to this data is crucial to maintaining our customer shipping information. Thanks!
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Hi! We use Shipstation for B2C but also a lot of B2B. I have a huge list of clients that are stores to who we sell. Sometimes, these stores change location and we have to update their information. Or even only for their email or telephone number. So it would be nice if we could modify customers. It would add a great value to your already very good product ;) Thx
First-timer (legacy)
This seems like basic functionality. The lack of an edit feature is causing incorrect shipments and costing us money.