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First-timer (legacy)
Status: Investigating
We need to be able to edit or delete customers from the database without having to upload a csv file. Below are a couple examples for when this would be helpful. I'm sure others here will agree that some simple database management would be greatly appreciated. I recently had to correct a type-o in a customer record and the process is just unreasonable. Download an example .csv file, add ALL the customer information (not just what needs changing) upload the file, and finally make sure that the original profile was correctly overwritten. It should be as simple as hitting an edit button, changing what needs changed, and hitting save. I have two customers with the same name. Lets call them John Smith and Smith Electrical Corporation. I send a package to Smith Electrical about once a month. John Smith ordered once from our website over two years ago. Whenever I type "Smith" when making a new order, guess who comes up as the first result! There's no need for John to still be in the system, why can't I easily delete his record?
First-timer (legacy)
I would also like to request the ability to edit customer information. I have several customers where their contact information has changed and I have no way to edit it. The CSV sample and then manually edit and import doesn't do all of the information associated with the customer either. I have several customers with the wrong orders assigned to them. This messes up metrics.
First-timer (legacy)
We also need to easily edit customer info in ShipStation without having to import a CSV. We need to do this quickly and easily from within SS to ensure accurate shipments.
First-timer (legacy)
PLEASE for the love of God!! It is absolutely ridiculous not to have a web interface for editing addresses! Someone entered the address of one of our locations that moved incorrectly and now whenever another of our locations transfers to that location it has the WRONG ADDRESS! I have no way to fix this. HOW/WHY isn't this a feature of ShipStation?
First-timer (legacy)
Is there any update on this issue? It has more votes than some others that are under review.
First-timer (legacy)
Currently, when you want to edit a customers information in shipstation, you must create a document, import the document, select edit customer, and then the information will be edited. It would be extremely beneficial for shipstation to have an "edit" button for the customers information to be directly edited from the app. This would allow users to go directly to the customer that needs updating, hit edit, and type the information directly into shipstation. The current process of importing is not intuitive and makes it appear that you are unable to edit a customer (unless you have previously gone through the importing process).
First-timer (legacy)
It would be extremely helpful to be able to go into the "customer" tab to update their info. Having to create a new order to change info, then having to delete the order from the orders page, is a little frustrating. Sometimes it saves both addresses, and shipments have gone to the wrong address. And being able to delete a customer completely would be awesome. We sometimes only ship to a person once, or having a customer being terminated, not being able to just delete the customer. I have to update their info and put DO NOT SHIP TO. Months and years from now, I am guessing there will be hundreds of unnecessary names . Please fix.
First-timer (legacy)
This is definitely a feature that needs to be added. What's the point of editing a customer only by importing a CSV. That's time consuming and annoying if you only have a simple edit. Accuracy is important and this along with the ability to delete orders seem like basic features SS should already have.
First-timer (legacy)
customers have been asking for this update since 2016... what is the issue shipstation?
New Contributor
I agree with pretty much everyone who has commented. From a B2B perspective it needs to be way easier to edit an email. Right now the only way is to combine records OR in order to "Delete" a customer (this is my work around for the fact that I cannot simply delete someone out of the system), I have to upload a CSV file and just change name address and all fields to say "DELETE" so that I don't accidentally send something to the old address. ShipStation is a great platform and integrates pretty well with a lot of other systems, but with just a few tweaks it could be a much better platform for B2B. Some communication on whether or not these improvements are forthcoming would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
First-timer (legacy)
WHHHHYYYY hasn't shipstation added an edit customer button?? I have to spend 30 mins just to edit a customers email!