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We want the FROM address set to our domain so that 'via' does not appear on gmail. We also want to include your spf/senderId records in our spf/senderId records, have the email signed with our DKIM key and have the links use our subdomain instead of Here's how this works on a few of the major ESPs: This will significantly improve deliverability and professional appearance. Best Regards, James Fredley VP of Marketing Technology FilterEasy
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It looks like the other thread on this topic is locked.  Shipstation responded in May 2021 they're working on it.  Any ETA update?


Seriously Shipstation. How has this problem not been resolved?! The workaround to remove email address is not acceptable. Now the tracking emails come from and if the customer replies to that email they get a bounce back. Looks super unprofessional.




It's been 6 years and we're still sending tracking numbers that are marked as spam. SPF and DKIM for shipstation's domain doesn't help us when the email is still "from" our own email address.  I would be happy with a from of "" and the the ReplyTo is our email - that alone would be an improvement for getting through spam filters.


It seems that ShipStation is counting on this problem somehow resolving itself if ignored for long enough? C’mon. This is crazy. Fix it please… every other notification software we use has this capability.

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This would be very useful to not have the emails come from shipstation.  Any word on the progress of this proposal?


We've been trying the suggested solution of sending from But customers have still reported their tracking info going to spam, or not receiving it at all. I got curious and looked up ShipStation's DMARC records on Easydmarc:


Follow that link and you'll see at this time they get a 4/10 score, mostly because their DMARC is set to p=none. That means that scammers can send fake tracking emails with inpunity. No wonder our legit tracking emails are ending up in spam folders!

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We had to re-enable sending from (by removing our verified email from the store settings).  Ultimately as Shipstation haven't taken (or implemented this properly) email security seriously we had to fall back to using the shipstation default address as the risk to our own domain spam scores was significant.  


DMARC and SPF are industry standards...use them.

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This feature is critical for us as well!


It does not make any sense that the only available solution to make sure emails are delivered is to remove our own verified email address and re-enable emails being sent with


We have been told this feature is being looking into but it seems it has been the case for more than 6 years now.


When can we expect a feature allowing us to send shipment notifications with an email address from our own domain?