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Reshipping an order, by either using the "Create Another Shipment" button or restoring it, wipes all items from your pack slip. 


Default behavior should be to include all items. This seems obvious. Let's make this happen!


I would like to be able to select which items to add to the new order when using "Create Another Shipment."  Just like you are able to select items when you create a return.  When we use "Create Another Shipment," We typically do not need to reship all items.  Only those that were damaged, etc.


Thank you


I just got 2 packages returned by USPS because packing slips had $0 in them, international orders, the original package was lost, wanted to duplicate the shopify order shipment, so used create another shipment, didn't notice packing slips had all $0s in them, this shouldn't happen because basically what shipstation is saying:

you can't duplicate a shopify order and re-ship the order for international destination.

you can't create a manual order for shopify store as well.




I agree. When you click on "Create another shipment" within an order it should duplicate all items and declaration for the new shipment. Currently, all items and declarations are left blank. It's a big waste of time, and I'm sure there are many users, if not most, that would like to have all fields duplicated for the new shipment so the data doesn't need to be copied and pasted manually from the original order.


There even no options to manually add items. I don't understand what was the thought behind this feature. 


Has this been fixed? Is there a way to do this? Sometimes we have orders that sit a while and the label becomes "unusable" or we need to void it, but we can't void it because the unusableness. 

SO, we need to duplicate the LARGE shipment and create another shipment so we can ship it shipstation. Do you understand? I know this usecase is lower on the totempole, however, we used to be able to do this with ease and the functionality was destroyed in the last update. Please restore this ability. We do not enjoy spending lots and lots of time creating anew manual shipment everytime we have this mistake/problem occur within shipstation itself.



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they need to fix this immediately There even no options to manually add items. I don't understand what was the thought behind this feature. 

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Same problem. I created a return for an item that arrived damaged, but there's no way to create a new shipment to replace the damaged item. I mean, I can create a new,  empty shipment, but there's no way to add items to it. I can to create a new manual shipment, but it won't be tied to the original order in any way. That's frustrating for a number of reasons: all the copy/pastes, and adding internal notes to reference the original shipment.