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First-timer (legacy)
Status: Planned
First, I would be appreicated your service! I've been downloading "Order-Dara Export" from the order. But I also would be nice if I can see "Currency" there. When I get GBP 54.66 order, I was able to see as USD 54.66. Hope to be added Currency tab for international orders and stores. Thanks.
First-timer (legacy)
ShipStation, due to the lack of solution for multiple currencies I am cancelling my SS subscription... well done!
Yes, please. USD conversion = bueno. If you can figure out USPS, you can figure this out too, ShipStation! I gots faith!
First-timer (legacy)
I can't believe this still has not been fixed.
First-timer (legacy)
Hi, You guys really need to add this. For my tax it's really hard to know the exact currency and i'm wasting time etc.. I'm selling in CAD and USD. Hope this will be added soon because i'm really thinking about moving to an other software.. Thanks
Occasional Contributor
Crazy! It's almost 2020 and SS still can't get it together when it comes to customs forms and currency. All I need is for there to be an option to mark/change the currency on the customs form so that the information provided is accurate. I've been using a different software for all formal entry shipments because of this. SS might be big and require QA for updates but this issue could easily be resolved at least for commercial invoice purposes. Been waiting too long for this, hoping SS will add this feature soon or another platform will match SS ease of use and offer it.
First-timer (legacy)
Wow! Still no movement on this.
First-timer (legacy)
Guys seriously, i can't believe this is not been implemented in 6 years.
First-timer (legacy)
Total paid Prices for purchases imported should also include the currency. Why allow commercial invoices to be created with the wrong currency? Would make life easier
First-timer (legacy)
How is this still not fixed yet? I am in the middle of setting shipstation up right now and i have come across this issue. We are in Canada and shipping to the US with our US website. How has it been 7 years since this was brought up and still not fixed yet? Is this the kind of software that I am getting myself into where they can't even fix a simple issue like this? Very worrisome.
First-timer (legacy)
I understand there is no field in ShipStation API (nor in ShipStation) to represent currency, and gauging from the votes and comments, clearly this is a long-standing complaint. But this causes some problems when dealing with international marketplaces e.g., etc, which is becoming more and more commonplace for eCommerce sellers, especially with covid. For example, take a recent order from The order is in Mexican Pesos (MXN), but since currency isn’t factored in, when calculating shipping it’s viewed as over $400, and as a result isn’t eligible for ePacket … so instead of cheap shipping to Mexico, shipping is over 2x more expensive. What would have been helpful in this situation is: 1. Surfacing a default currency setting under the store configuration e.g. MXN 2. Converting the currency to USD using the order date – as most carriers require the export information to be in USD. Easy and cheap to do via many online services e.g. Would be helpful to preserve the original currency and amount in the order. 2.1. A bonus would be being able to set the default currency for the Shipping Provider e.g. USPS = USD etc. 3. Reporting in one consistent default currency – currently our Insights page is showing our store generated $875, but this is misleading since it’s actually around $40 USD which is $875 MXN Thoughts?