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I have a customer who placed an order for two items.  I accidentally shipped only one, but the entire order is marked as shipped.  How can I now ship just the item that did not actually ship?


I tried to RESTORE the order, which created a second shipment, but it will not allow me to split the order and move items to the new shipment.


I could simply create a new order to ship the missing item, but then my records will be off because Shipstation will think I have shipped the missing item twice, when in reality only one was shipped.

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I have been running into similar problems repeatedly since I was forced over to the new system. Items cannot be moved after they are "shipped", having to search an order in the shipped area specifically to "restore" it just to ship it again but then having to go to the original shipment and print the packing list for the first shipment separately. Waited over an hour on tech support just for them to tell me this is "working as intended" 😡

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It is SO MUCH HARDER to work with orders in the V3. We used to be able to REship (say a damaged item)... by just clicking on the order and print new postage. Now it creates a 2nd shipment with NOTHING in it. It makes no sense. You should at least be able to ADD an item to the new shipment or something. Very weird. We want V2 back as well. 

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@skincare2001 @david_dean dont give up! After opening a ticket and having them manually create my reshipment (also referencing each previous ticket, each time) they reverted me to V2 and all my problems are solved! It IS possible to get back on the working system, dont give up! just have their tech support manually create your orders every time!


This was exactly what I came here to suggest, I have the same problem as you in that sometimes staff accidently send 1 of 2 items or send the incorrect item! Please Shipstation, hear our prayer!