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First-timer (legacy)
Status: Investigating
We'd like to be able to scan outgoing products and associate them to their orders as they are being shipped out.
First-timer (legacy)
Do we have any updates on this?
First-timer (legacy)
Shipstation adapats slowest. I only use it because it simply works, otherwise no feature addition for the growth of their customers. This is a badly required feature, not too complicated either.
New Contributor

Yes,  but if they do not have it I will have to leave SS. Does anyone have another solution that can do this. 

Status changed to: Investigating
New Contributor

@Moderator-Davis  When do you expect the feature of storing serial #'s to be enabled? On my end, there is a significant change that could possibly drive us to opt for a different provider. We currently do 700 to 2,500 packages per day. Please advise. Thank you!

New Contributor

@Moderator-Davis Is there an update on this?  I mean how long does it take to act on a request that multiple users have requested to be added? 

New Contributor

@Moderator-Davis is there any update on this? This was questioned nearly 5 years ago? With the huge influx in tech brands this is something that would help a lot of us?

Occasional Contributor

Definitely need this functionality? Especially the ability to add multiples to a shipment as we sell to a lot of resellers and need to associate individual SN#s