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First-timer (legacy)
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i would like shipstation to be able to choose the cheapest shipping method for each order that comes in. currently, i use UPS & USPS and i have to manually select between the 2 services to see which one is cheaper. this process is very time consuming and needs to be done on an order by order basis. i would like shipstation to automatically upload the cheapest shipping method so i can print all the labels at once.
New Contributor

We're a huge fan of a new company called String that's fully automating the carrier selection process in ShipStation to select the lowest cost carrier/service. Seriously solving major headaches for us.  Check them out:

First-timer actually automates the carrier rate shopping process for a fraction of the price as meetstring. I highly recommend checking them out if you're looking to save more $$$ on your shipping


Hello Amazing community members, 


We are so grateful for all of your feedback, comments, and referrals. Please note that this thread has gone a little off topic in discussing alternative solutions. While we love referrals and users helping each other this post and its subsequent comments and votes are utilized  by our product team to gauge user interest for this specific features. 


If this is a feature you are interested in, please continue to add your votes and comments to this thread. 


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@Manager-ErinMaybe it shouldn't take 3+ years to help your users save money. I see you have this feature for the $399 a month customers but not for us peons.

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If it hasn’t been mentioned yet this is possible through rule automation as we have it in place. The catch is we had to upgrade to Enterprise account in order to access the features but the savings in freight has well outweighed the monthly cost. Hope this helps.