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Shipstation really needs a simple EDIT button on the customer list so that address and email contacts can get added.


They especially need an EDIT option for the order number for orders.   


I've never used a software where the ability to EDIT is so locked down.


I agree!! I was able to eventually chat with someone on ShipStation support because you can't get ahold of anyone on the phone and they basically told me that that's just the way it is. So i guess that's it!

Occasional Contributor

I couldn't agree more. We shipped to a customer via UPS with a typo on the address  (eg: 123 Main St. instead of 1123 Main St.) Because we couldn't edit the customer address, it was repeated on a repeat order. That caused an 'address correction' fee from UPS twice. The best I can do at this point is to import the customer into Shipstation with the correct address but there's no way to attach the historical orders to the new customer details.

Please unlock your customer files so edits can be made, saving time & money to Shipstation users!

New Contributor

Very frustrating!