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Status: Investigating
We do drop shipping for many customers and need to make the package look like it is shipping from our customer to their customer (even though we are shipping it). While shipping, we should be able to select "Other" from the warehouse field and manually type in a temporary "From address"
First-timer (legacy)
In the Settings section, under the shipped from location section, we are adding additional addresses and using these for our blind ship return addresses. The problem we are having is that no matter how we enter the return address it will always changes the company name to our company not the company name that was entered. What good is there in having this line if it is not going to be used? I even tried changing the company name in the ship from address and it still does the same thing. This does not work as a true blind ship. The best way I have found to work around this is to mark out this line with a black magic marker so the person receiving the shipment does not know who it was really coming from. But this looks very unprofessional and draws more attention to this address.
First-timer (legacy)
This is a big one for us! Seems like such a basic and necessary feature in the ecommerce day and age.
First-timer (legacy)
Along with this we should be able to upload a custom packing slip as often the customer for which you would dropship will provide their packing slip to include in the box. If the API could allow uploading a .PDF packing slip file that could be printed instead of the default packing slip that would be awesome.
First-timer (legacy)
We have customers (Wholesale) who buy from us and ship to their customer (End User). We would like the label to reflect the (Wholesalers address).
First-timer (legacy)
This has been under review for a long time, any update?
First-timer (legacy)
hi @ Joshua Barneck Gigabit Business Consulting, thanks for checking in on this! We're still reviewing blind shipping.
First-timer (legacy)
This would be a big value add service if it could be implemented.
First-timer (legacy)
Yes! Please add this!
First-timer (legacy)
Any updates on this? As long as the label doesnt have our name on it, it would be great. We sell to a lot of distributors and they don't want our info on the labels when we are shipping it to thier clients. They would prefer to have their name on it. Even if it meant keeping our address on the label but we could use thier name, that would work if that is all we could do.
First-timer (legacy)
We are a wholesale shop and are customers often need products Blind Shipped directly to their customers. This would be HUGELY BENEFICIAL I'm sure there is some things I am missing as I'm new to ShipStation, but this would be a really useful integration: 1. Add a "Blind Ship" object in the GET call of True/False (we use an integration and this would be good to have so that if a customer selects "blind Shipping" when selecting shipping it would be automatically used to prevent user error) 2. Add "Blind Shipping" as an option in the "Ship From" dropdown of a package configuration. (maybe this is something that can be hid as an option in settings if not needed) 3a. If "Blind Shipping" is selected as the Ship From you would be able to manually enter the information for that one shipment. (maybe an option to add the newly entered address as a Ship From Location for future orders/packages) 3b. If "Blind Shipping" is recognized from GET it would automatically set this as the default and input address information.