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Occasional Contributor
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I would like to be able to customize my Commercial Invoice (Other Forms) similarly to how most of the other documents have customizable options. I use ShipStation Connect to print all of my documents because it is very convenient.

Currently every time I print a Commercial Invoice it also prints a mostly blank page with a border that just says "Electronically Submitted" which is promptly discarded. 

It would be nice to select black and white printing. 

It would also be nice to choose to print multiple pages at a time as DHL requires 3 copies of each commercial invoice.

New Contributor

hello, bumping this thread again in need of the Ship To And Sold To sections to be different.  We need to be able to edit the Sold To section for certain orders!


We're in agreement with others that the commercial invoices should properly populate differences between sold to / billing and ship to addresses. We also use UPS and transmit electronically, but this disparity on the invoices creates issues for customers in some countries that end up wasting our time and make our company look sloppy when it comes to such details. Couldn't it be fixed with some simple logic on the order import?