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First-timer (legacy)
Status: Investigating
We have customizable Packing Slips, how about custom Pick Lists?
First-timer (legacy)
Adding a barcode to the Pick list would be extremely helpful!!
New Contributor
I need to have package types also on the pick list so we can grab the right number of boxes / envelopes / priority mail boxes, etc. Also the ability to sort custom orders in their own section or pick list.
First-timer (legacy)
I want to customize the title at the top of the pick list, so I can create several unique pick list for a given batch of orders selected. I want to be include certain dynamic fields in the pick list, so that (for a given batch of orders) each unique pull list will tell that warehouse department exactly what to pick in order to fill that order. Ie. the title of the pick list would be: Pick List. Subsequently, I want a way to be able to filter down the products displayed on that pick list, for a given order batch. Essentially - it's a customized pick list, based on order batch, where the products listed are filtered by warehouse department.
First-timer (legacy)
Barcode. Need barcode on pick list. (preferably SKU). If you cannot decide what barcode to put there, make it a selection/dropdown so we can pick from the following: Custom 1 Custom 2 Custom 3 Item SKU Product SKU (Or just "SKU" and use whichever is in place)
First-timer (legacy)
We would also like custom pick list -- but to help us in how many boxes we need to pull for our coffee. Right now we have four box types: Small: for any coffee at or below 12oz Large: for 16oz coffee Long: for 5lb coffee Cube: for multi-coffee orders (2x8oz say or 1x16+1x8) So we end up having to export the orders and count their packages.
First-timer (legacy)
We would love to see a digital interactive pick list that can be used on phone or tablet and allows for options like notes, in stock and out of stock checkboxes, current inventory numbers, there is no need for stacks of paper anymore.
First-timer (legacy)
Any update on this? It has been a few years since it was one of the top items...
First-timer (legacy)
Dear ShipStation, Yikes! Please allow the pick list to be customizable (like the packing list). With such varying businesses and operation flows, this truly is non negotiable in terms of customer satisfaction. We need to be able to communicate within our company exactly what we need. In addition, the current format is very small typeface and there are so, so many lines on the sheet... aside from actual content customization, the formatting should be editable for optimal user experience. My entire staff can get lost in all the unnecessary lines that this sheet contains, making it difficult to identify what order it's from (the top or the bottom summary?). Basically, make this customizable please. It is detrimental to our experience, and even prompting us to consider other services.
First-timer (legacy)
Yes, this idea has merit (per the ShipStation comment in the beginning). Just being able to print a minimalist pick list on my thermal printer - SKU, Description, Qty - would speed things up and reduce waste. The current pick list is mostly empty space.
First-timer (legacy)
For us specifically, customizable picklists would allow us to put product barcodes to scan to remove items from inventory which is ideal because ShipStation offers the best picklists for the type of batch orders that we do.