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Issues printing Labels as ShipStaion doesn't allow more than 25 characters. I import data from Amazon (USA) orders into Shipstaion via Channel Advisor and for data protection Amazon provide a number in this format. +1 123-456-7891 ext. 12345 Due to the spaces, "-" and ext. i have to manually edit each order (phone number) before i can print. This is not fun and i cant be the only person this affects. I think you should extend the character limit on the telephone number field to fix this issue. Cheers Craig
First-timer (legacy)
did you get any updates on this?
First-timer (legacy)
Support told me the solution to this problem was to manually fix each and every order.
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We are having this issue as well. Hoping for a fix soon.
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This has become a huge problem for us as well, considering switching platforms due to Amazon and Wayfair orders both having multiple numbers imported.
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This issue has been around for 2+ years. It seems unlikely to be fixed anytime soon. Maybe there's a workaround by using an automation rule to edit the customer's phone number?
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