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First-timer (legacy)
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As of right now we are not able to print labels a day early for Saturday delivery, I was hoping maybe something can be done to allow you to select the delivery date with Saturday delivery.
First-timer (legacy)
Please include Saturday Delivery as a special service default for your returns portal. All returns are processed priority overnight, and I need Saturday as a default option.
First-timer (legacy)
Add Parcelforce saturday delivery service
First-timer (legacy)
When customers pay for FedEx Priority Overnight Saturday Delivery, we need to be able to use Shipstation to fulfill it along with all our other orders.
First-timer (legacy)
Delivery date may say package will be delivered Saturday, but if the "Saturday Delivery" box isn't checked, it will still default to business days. Can you present a box to ask if someone wants Saturday delivery if the estimate says it will be delivered Saturday? We needed to have an order shipped overnight to be delivered Saturday for a wedding. Really important. We opted for UPS Next Day Air because the Delivery Date given in Shipstation was Saturday. The package wasn't delivered until Tuesday. Turns out you need to select the "Saturday delivery" box in addition to selecting a Saturday delivery or else it will default to business day deliveries. We seldom need a Saturday or overnight delivery, but when we do, we REALLY do. This would prevent bad situations from becoming much, much worse. In this case, we wasted $60 on overnight shipping and set an inaccurate expectation with a customer that caused a major headache for both parties.

Agreed with Coy. Need a Saturday delivery checkbox that adds a flat amount to UPS 2 day or overnight live rates.

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