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First-timer (legacy)
Status: Completed
The Shipments section has this column available, but it would be helpful to also have this in Orders. It would make open orders more scannable (by eye) and sortable based on the print status. For example... If a customer wants to change their order, and we see the packing slip has been printed, we know it's being picked and we need to stop it before it ships. And so on.
Occasional Contributor

This is still an open issue that would be VERY useful and seems relatively easy to add.  Please make this column available on the "Orders" section.

Occasional Contributor

This feature also helps when shipstation connect fails to print. The is no error and the order's packing slip is marked as printed. Currently, there is no way to view the last batch of printed packing slips. The only option is to reprint all packing slips and manually find the duplicates. If this column was visible in the orders tab, you could sort by when the packing slip was printed and then attempt to only print those from the most recent batch.