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Status: Completed
The Shipments section has this column available, but it would be helpful to also have this in Orders. It would make open orders more scannable (by eye) and sortable based on the print status. For example... If a customer wants to change their order, and we see the packing slip has been printed, we know it's being picked and we need to stop it before it ships. And so on.
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This is still an open issue that would be VERY useful and seems relatively easy to add.  Please make this column available on the "Orders" section.

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This feature also helps when shipstation connect fails to print. The is no error and the order's packing slip is marked as printed. Currently, there is no way to view the last batch of printed packing slips. The only option is to reprint all packing slips and manually find the duplicates. If this column was visible in the orders tab, you could sort by when the packing slip was printed and then attempt to only print those from the most recent batch.

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This idea was marked as completed, but I do not see this as an active feature in SS. Is this feature truly complete, or was this marked complete due to another similar feature being implemented (such as showing a "Packing Slip Printed" column on the Shipments page)?


From my search, there are two other ideas posted asking for this functionality. There may be more out there, but this is what I found following a fairly quick search. I am linking both below:


Feature Request: Show if Packing Slips have been printed on Awaiting Shipments Order Page

Printed Packing Slip - Visibility


@SuperMgr-Sarah or @Moderator-Davis, is this correct? Can we view a column showing if a packing slip has been printed on the orders page (included for orders that are awaiting shipment)?

Hello there, 


I double checked in my account, and confirmed that currently this information is only visible from the Shipments Tab. 


With that in mind, I absolutely encourage the community to vote/comment on the ideas they want to see implemented so that we can review them with the product team for potential implementation as we move forward.




I agree this feature is needed. My company's process is to print packing slips in batches, pick the inventory, then ship using the Scan to Verify feature. This happens multiple times throughout the day. We keep a written log of the last order number printed so we know where to begin printing the next batch. However, for various reasons, older orders are imported late (fraud checks, other holds on the order), which means their order number is in the range of a batch of "already printed" orders. We have no way to identify these orders aside from discovering them still sitting in Awaiting Shipment a day or two later. If the Packing Slip Printed column was in the Orders Tab, we could probably do away with the written log and we would not miss the orders that imported out of sequence.

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This is not Completed since it is not implemented in the Orders grid.

Please show the Printed Packing Slips indicator in the Orders grid.

We need this so that we can assemble, pack, and ship our orders.  It is too late to show packing slip print status in the Shipments grid.  We need "Packing Slip Printed" in the Orders grid.


We need this feature also so we do not double print orders. Should be standard by now as so many other shipping software that we've used had this feature or would automatically print when new orders came in.


I know this is an older thread but I do have a workaround that my company uses if it helps someone.

We have an automation that sets the tag on all new imported orders to "unprinted"

Then when the pack slips are printed, while the orders are still selected, click tags and set those orders to "printed" tag. We assign the "unprinted" color to green and "printed" to red so there is a visual to not print the order again.