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Would like to see ShipStation Connect supported on Linux. This would allow the app to run on a low cost device such as a raspberry pi and make it much easier to keep service up.
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It would be absolutely incredible to have a Linux version of the Shipstation Connect app. This would allow many users (like myself) to ditch Windows and use Shipstation in a Linux environment. Another extra cool feature would be to allow a Raspberry Pi to be the "print server" for Shipstation connect. This would allow users to keep a low-power draw Raspberry Pi on which serves as the print daemon for packing slips/label printers. I would suggest making this accessible and configurable by a web page for ease of use. Extra cool bonus points for making it into a Docker container! Happy to beta test this for you :) Thanks!
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Shipstation is great but I just ran into a big problem. I use Ubuntu Linux and Shipconnect is not supported on Linux, so none of my printers are showing up on Ubuntu ver 22.04

However I noticed that the same problem does not exist on an earlier version of Ubuntu.

So shipconnect is not really needed to print from Ubuntu but I can't figure out why it wont from the latest version of Ubuntu.


Is Connect supported on Ubuntu?

I'd love to stop using a Windows based system for something as simple as creating shipping labels.

Hey there @ezreply


While you may be able to run connect using ubuntu, that would be out of the scope of our support teams ability to assist in troubleshooting. 


I know that may not be an ideal answer, but just wanted to be up front about that ability. 


Happy Shipping! 🙂 


please support linux/raspberry pi!!


Here's a belated thing, but I've been able to print on linux with a bit of a trick.

On Ubuntu, you can share your printer in CUPS with other computers on your network. So as long as there's ONE Windows PC available on your network to share to, and that computer is running ShipStation Connect, you can add that printer as your ShipStation connect printer. You can even connect multiple "printers" to a single Windows PC in this way, just set for your own account your one printer as your "default". So the printer's in your office, hooked to your pc, but is simply being printed to you in a roundabout manner- SHipstation -> Windows PC - > Ubuntu computer.

I have a linux mint PC and a rollo printer AND an old windows PC we use for warehousing but not shipping, but there isn't even a noticeable delay when I print labels, having just shared my printer with the windows PC, installed it as a networked printer, then marked it as shared on Shipstation Connect.  As long as someone doesn't turn off that pc, or if shipstation connect doesn't log me out, all works fine. Even printing and shipping via mobile still work fine.

I know it's a solution that requires having an old Windows PC/toaster somewhere, but say, for an office where you have a bunch of Linux pcs and one windows pc it can make things easier instead of dealng with Microsoft's shenanigans.

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I would love to use linux instead of having to pay for a new windows license each time I need a simple scan and print station.


Hello @belmontleatherc!


Thanks for the great idea! Please keep sharing your thoughts—they help us improve.


Happy Shipping!