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We had a package that was mistakenly delivered to a UPS Texas Warehouse instead of to the correct address in Wisconsin. The customer reached out to us and asked why his package was sitting in Texas. We reached out to Shipstation and we were given this form to fill out (The package was shipped UPS through Shipstation):


I filled out the following options:


I am looking to: 

File a claim for my UPS from ShipStation shipment

I am looking to file a ____:

Missing Shipments - Lost Claim

What best describes the issue with the package:

Delivered to the incorrect address

Has a replacement package been shipped?


Do you plan on shipping a replacement Package?



The package was eventually found but was returned to the customer.....? We sent out a replacement package. The form needs to be edited to request the original package be returned to the sender. It is indirectly implied when asked if we're sending out a replacement package. 


Thank you,


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