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First-timer (legacy)
Status: Investigating
I would like to make a suggestion that ShipStation work really hard to make a 4 x 6.25 option, and/or the 4 x 8 option available. UPS is a very large carrier for you not to support it's label sizes that work with the Zebra 450 printer. For those of us who use UPS, we get our shipping labels free of charge, so purchasing the 4 x 6 labels is not a viable option. It seems only logical that you would work to accomodate UPS customers, a huge market. PLEASE CONSIDER THIS! Right now I have to manually pull out the label a fraction of an inch every time two labels have been printed or the remaining labels print off the edge. It's really a pain. Thanks for listening!
First-timer (legacy)
I'm setting up a new (trial) account with ShipStation, but I see that the smallest label format offered is 4x6. The boxes I ship are 3x3x3 and traditionally I have printed labels smaller than 4x6. I would love for ShipStation to be able to offer label formats for smaller labels: 2-5/16 x 7-1/2 via the DYMO LabelWriter 450 Turbo Thermal Printer. I will look into other options in the meantime. But please consider offering this! I would love to use ShipStation, going forward. Thank you!
First-timer (legacy)
I would like to use 4 Labels per sheet. Avery 5168
First-timer (legacy)
yeah common how hard is it to do it? If you can make labels for 2 per page you could easily make labels for 4 per page. I post with envelopes and need the smaller labels. So common 76 votes should be enough to get this done.
First-timer (legacy)
3.5 by 5.0 please add this option to print labels, it would save so much time,paper,money, and effort. The key is to work more efficiant. Someone please let us know, send an email or something its almost 2020 and i cant believe this isnt a thing yet, with all the technology that we have. I agree one hundred percent with all the comments. Let us know.
First-timer (legacy)
I would like the ability to print packing slips to 4x8 labels because many of my orders are large and it causes my packing slips to be spanned over two labels. Also we would like to ship via UPS Surepost which requires a 4x8 label. Please help. Thanks
First-timer (legacy)
Please listen to this feedback shipstation. It seems like there are so many threads asking this. Personally, I send vouchers with my business on a #10 envelope and was able to print these through PayPal. I was advised to register through my website provider but I cannot believe there isnt an option to change the label formatting here?? I will have to cancel my subscription after the trial stage also if this isn't an option.
First-timer (legacy)
Admin...We would also like 4 labels per page. Still waiting on this. What's the holdup?
First-timer (legacy)
I dont get it, how is this still not an available option. I think I am going to have to go with one of shipstations competitors
First-timer (legacy)
My smallest SKU ships in a 4 inch cube mailer -- Can ShipStation please offer an option for a smaller size label?
New Contributor
Please allow 4 labels per sheet. This issue has been addressed since 2012 and still hasn't been change. What will it take for you to give us more label options? This was one of 2 main reasons I've been hesitant about switching from to shipstation