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First-timer (legacy)
Status: Investigating
I would like to make a suggestion that ShipStation work really hard to make a 4 x 6.25 option, and/or the 4 x 8 option available. UPS is a very large carrier for you not to support it's label sizes that work with the Zebra 450 printer. For those of us who use UPS, we get our shipping labels free of charge, so purchasing the 4 x 6 labels is not a viable option. It seems only logical that you would work to accomodate UPS customers, a huge market. PLEASE CONSIDER THIS! Right now I have to manually pull out the label a fraction of an inch every time two labels have been printed or the remaining labels print off the edge. It's really a pain. Thanks for listening!
We also have this need. Our UPS printed labels are 4 x6 for the shipment but they also have a 4x2 separate portion at the bottom that with UPS Worldship would print the package "receipt" this is necessary to keep our paper workflow from getting mixed up and is a necessity to keeping shipstation as our solution. We currently waste 2 labels to get this result and it is not a proper solution.
First-timer (legacy)
More sheet options, smaller businesses like myself need more options than thermal printer or one sheet option. Also as a convert from, they have many sheet options, I am not sure why you do not match more of those, I understand you also do UPS and FEDEX etc but I am sure there are more than one cross over sheet options. Printing 4 to a page would be faster, less waste and more money savings. Also savings on smaller shipping packages, the two to a page are too big sometimes and I have to print them on paper and hand cut them out with scissors and tape them to the packaging which is a super waste of my time and resources.
I would like 4x8 label options for sure so big logo can go on the top section.
First-timer (legacy)
I think this is more a neccessity than a request! We would like to automate the printing of different label sizes for different services through ShipStation Connect. We use Australia post and their local label can be printed on a thermal 4x6 label whereas their international express label needs to be printed on a A4 or letter size plain paper. At the moment only one printer can be assigned to label printing. The only way around this, which is a pain in the backside (being polite) is not to define a printer and then select the correct one depending on the label required. Thanks for listening... Cheers Mark
Not sure if this has already been mentioned but we currently print 4 USPS labels to a sheet. To do this you can: MAC 1. Download the labels as 1 to a sheet. 2. Select to print from Preview 3. In the print dialog choose layout and then 4 pages to a sheet See attached. You can save this as a preset so you don't need to reselect the options each time. You can do the same in Windows by selecting the options in the print dialog. Download the file first and open in Acrobat reader (don't think it works from the Chrome print dialog). Not in front of a Windows computer right now to check the exact options.
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