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Hello there, I work with a 3pl that uses Shipstation and Shipstation connect as our main source for fulfillment. I would love to see the Shipstation connect app built out to be more friendly towards 3pl's attempting to use your app. Within our organization, no user has a set desktop location. It is very inconvenient for our staff to log in to link Shipstation connect every time they need to switch stations (Workstations). We have had so many issues with Shipstaion connect recently; I would love to see the development team add a little "magic" to the app. One of my suggestions is adding a way to link a workstation to an account, not just a user, where every user can access it. There is currently the share function, but it never works properly, and Shipstation support says that you are not supposed to use it... TLDR; Add a better method of connecting a workstation that can be used by multiple users.
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