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First-timer (legacy)
Status: No status
Add Packing Slip functionality thru API Would love the ability to generate packing slips through your API. currently that is not supported. really hoping you will add that functionality soon.
First-timer (legacy)
Bringing this back up. Currently, the testLabel flag on createLabel will print the entire packing slip, but turning this flag to false prints only the label. This "functionality" has led to wasted manhours developing label automation. The functionality is there, it needs to be opened up.
Occasional Contributor
I would really love seeing that, we're now shipping all orders via API, but that comes to a cost of not having a packing slip technically it could use the same settings as in the UI in document option Not sure if related, as of now there is no option to retrieve Label Data (and packing slip) of an order already shipped in shipstation, would love to see that as well
First-timer (legacy)
This is an excellent endpoint to add to the API. Please!!! If we can't use Webhooks to POST to the private Shipstation API (because of ReCaptcha), please make the documents api endpoint accessible to everyone. It would help so many accounts.
Simply being able to retrieve the packing slip (and also the shipping label) data (base64 encoded) would suffice. I prefer to print the document myself anyways :) The label is retrievable when shipping the order, but not after. Not a huge deal, but the Packing slip doesn't seem to EVER be retrievable.
Status changed to: No status
Community Manager
Community Manager

@SuperMgr-Sarah  No status? How about changing this to "Planned"?


Quite frustrating to see basic things like this requested but never implemented for almost 4 years.

To echo @ryan5 , this endpoint is needed thanks to the ReCaptcha being re-added to shipstation login.


Surely a GET endpoint like /packingslip/<orderId>?packingSlipTemplateId=#

can't be that hard to add...