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Archive and Hide or Delete Old Orders


We need to be able to choose a number of months of order history to keep in my account (6 months? 12 months?) and archive, hide, or delete everything older.

At the very least don't include shipped orders by default in the default search.

For example:

I have 5 years (and counting) of order data — thousands of shipped orders — in my ShipStation account. If I search for Bob Jones, because I know there is an order awaiting shipment, I might have 27 Bob Jones' com up in search results.
Yes, I know I can click "Awaiting Shipment" to filter the results, and I do, but that is one more step that just shouldn't be necessary.
When shipping 100+ orders per day, that one extra step adds up to lots of wasted time.

And staring at a screen full of 27 or more Bob Jones', when really only one of them is relevant, is frustrating. Even the search script should be smart enough to know that I am probably interested in the Bob Jones that ordered yesterday, vs. the Bob Jones that ordered 5 years ago. But they all have equal weight in the default search results.




Hi @TheCelticCroft ,


My understanding may be incorrect, but I do believe the search box on the left panel is by default the last 6 or so months of data. If you want to go beyond that, you actually have to use the "Advanced search" button. 


If you are seeing orders in the incorrect order, then make sure you have the sort by date set so that you see the newest orders at the top.


Hope that helps!


Shawn Singh
Founder of Station+
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