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Filter to show orders with Address Validation issues


It would be great to be able to filter or sort orders in the Orders tab so that it's easy to see or find the ones with Address Validation issues.


This would make it easier for the customer support team to ensure customer orders are being shipped out in good time, as the auto-correct feature is not able to correct all issues, such as Insufficient Address.

We already have a similar feature, which is the Delivery Exceptions filter/tab/navigation in the sidebar of the Shipments tab (pictured).

I would love to see this!





ShipStation does have a filter for Address Validation Status so you can view orders that are validated, have a warning, an error, or are simply unverified. 


A warning might be something like "Invalid address" where an error might be something like "Address line 1 is missing" or "Incomplete address"


You can't sort the order grid by this criteria, but you can use the filter to filter out orders you don't need to look at. You can even save the filter as a custom view so you can just click over to that tab each day and quick address any orders that appear there. 


Check out this help article about creating customer order views for details on how to do that.


Hope this helps!

Sarah H.
Austin, Tx

Just wanted to add on to Sarah's comments - we actually have an automation set up so that all orders that have some sort of address issue are tagged for our customer service to check up on. Then our CS team can just view all orders with the specified tag and resolve them/remove the tag once they are done!


Shawn Singh
Founder of Station+
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