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Just ship for discounts


I received a free trial in the mail and I do NOT want to integrate my private, secured online store.  I just want the shipping discounts.  Is there no way to actually just create a label to get the discounts without violating security and privacy and integrating my site and store?  If so, how do I get them to completely delete this account?



Hello! Thanks for posting your question in the community. 


You can of course use ShipStation to create labels without connecting your stores to import your orders, but you'd be missing out on a major benefit of ShipStation, which is the ability to import your orders with all the recipient and item details already added. 


Connecting your selling channels to ShipStation does not violate the privacy of your customers or the security of your store. None of your connection credentials are exposed to unauthorized parties in this process. ShipStation follows all the proper security and authentication protocols for all our store and carrier integrations.


However, if you would prefer to not connect your stores, that's absolutely fine. You can still create the labels you need. You can either create manual orders with your customer's shipment details in ShipStation (this is a more time consuming process, but would be good if you want to use batch shipping or bulk update features) or you can use the Rate Calculator to create single labels one at a time. 


To learn about creating a label with the Rate Calculator (which does not require that you import or create orders), review the "Create a Label with the Rate Calculator" section of our Calculate Rates help article


Hope this helps!

Sarah H.
Austin, Tx