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CSS::first-letter Selector Support


I'm trying to display a custom field on our packing slips that has a leading "#". It's preferable in my use case that the "#" not appear on the packing slip. I was looking to use the css:first-letter to change the leading "#" to white or display:none, but I'm not getting the expected results. Anyone know if this is supported in the Custom Packing Slip tool?


Any other suggestions to achieve this would also be appreciated. Thank you.



Doing a little more reading, it looks like I was confused on how the first-letter selector works. I was under the impression that special characters and numbers would count as letters for purposes of this field, but that does not appear to be correct. Can anyone confirm? Other ideas?

Occasional Contributor

@d-a-v-i-s it sounds like you have data coming in via a field mapping and there is a prefix of # as part of the data being displayed. Unfortunately, you will not be able to format the # seperate from the remaining data in this field. The markup code treats the entire field with a format so you cannot style data inside a single field in different ways. Not sure if it's possible but maybe you can have the # removed from the orders so it does not get mapped or brought over into shipstation in the process.  For custom 3rd party packing slip help you can always visit: