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Can we please get a real bug report system?

Occasional Contributor

This is NOT a real bug report system.  Everyone is reporting bugs in what is effectively a "feature request" discussion board!  This is crazy.  There are a TON of bugs with V3.


Why hasn't a REAL bug reporting system been set up to handle V3 yet?  This is extremely unprofessional.



I agree, but it's pretty clear at this point that they don't care. I remember a few years ago at Christmas shipstation was down for over 24 hours but the shipstation status page had no mention of it, no communication on twitter, no response to emails, and livechat had not even been informed by their own engineers that the system was down. This is not a company that operates with any honesty or transparency towards paying customers. Find an alternative because it's been heading downhill for a long time now.

Hi there, thanks for your feedback! 


We’re committed to continuously improving the ShipStation experience for all of our users, and feedback like this helps us plan for the future. In the meantime, please feel free to check out the following resources for more help getting started with the new layout:  

From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!

Meaningless words. Over two weeks since shipstation broke critical elements of a service we pay for, and nothing has been fixed. No ETA, no apology, no refunds, no explanation, no rollback - just the same meaningless words and links to unrelated videos and FAQ pages aimed at beginners who just got their 1st sale.


And now I see threads from disappointed customers looking for shipstation alternatives are being locked. Where does that fall under your commitment to improve shipstation?

EDIT: Replied to the wrong post.


I agree the same, gang.  They got rid of online chat/support, and now what you SS is going downhill. All these bugs drives me crazy,  too....


It's likely because they don't intend to fix the bugs in v3.  I reported a bug with the rate calculator, and they responded that they don't intend to fix it in v3, so submit it as a new feature for future versions.


So true. I hate that I have to use my mouse to click on drop-down selections now. I can no longer use my up/down arrows and the Enter key. Ridiculous.


Obviouisly, ShipStation does not really care about user feedback. They've gotten enough new signups who were forced onto V3 and now it seems they're okay abandoning all of the long-time users.


Bumping this because this is sorely needed. I'm resigned to the fact that shipstation in their infinite wisdom/hubris won't be going back to the old layout. And I really want to point out bugs and be constructive about improving the new layout but there's no way to do that.


That's the deal breaker for me--not the new layout per se so much as the horrible customer relations. Many of the issues we're having with the new interface are not only obvious and should have easily been found (problems with customs declarations and the returns workflow) but they were even reported months ago with no fix. These are major issues, not edge cases. Many, if not most, of your customers deal with international shipments or customer returns every day.

I'm bumping your comment to hpefully bring this back to attention.


We are having so MANY issues since the forced upgrade. It is impacting our shipping flow.  Sometimes we can't even open shipstation it just keeps circling through two screens. This is so aggravating I'm going to have to look for a different system if it doesn't get fixed. Can't seem to find a contact method to help me either.  Terrible way to roll this out, terrible upgrade, UGH!

Agreed. We continually contact ShipStation support (their poor customer service team). We never, or very rarely, contacted them prior to the forced upgrade.


Now, we can't reconnect our eBay account. Solution, send credentials to ShipStation so they can add it for us, because apparently, it works on their end. 🤦‍♂️

Well, in fairness to Shipstation....

connecting eBay works on my end also. So, perhaps the reason they are asking for your credentials, is because they are willing to go above and beyond, to accomplish what appears to be "user error".

Maybe so, but when clicking edit Edit Marketplace Connection immediately yields an error message, I have a hard time believing it's 'user error'.