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Custom Shipping Preset - Hotkeys


I have mentioned this multiple times to Support, however there is still no to fix. The Custom Shipping Presets Hotkeys feature does not work with Mac.. On the legacy version you could use control as the first key, but now with the new version you can only use command. This interferes with the OS and cannot be used. If they could change it to allow control or option as the first key then the custom hotkeys could be used again... This has massively slowed down my shipping efficiency.


Hey there @AlbionMerc


I double checked and we do have this report in with our product team! I don't have an ETA for resolution yet, but I do know that we have this in the books! 


I will absolutely update this community as soon as I hear anything more about this change 🙂 


From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!