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Customer emails information are exposed,but Amazon,Overstock, and Homedepot stores are hided


We add the third party app SHIPSTATION to our shopify store.The shipstation account is an shared account with other stores.However,when we print the labels,our customers's emails are exposed in the system.But we don't want to do that because customers' information matters a lot to shopify stores' owners.Other stores like Amazon,Homedepot,Houzz,Overstock stores which are also connected with the third party app SHIPSTATION,however,their customers' information is well protected(see picture one below).

When we talk with the shipstation team in the live chat directly,they told me it depends on the integration policy between Shopify and Shipstation(see picture two).We think it is unfair,I hope you can just block only our store customers's emails to shipstation?We don't want the customers' emails to be shown in the system.Please send follow up email to 
customers email.jpg

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Dear Shipstation, Please fix this issue by allowing us to toggle on/off a User's ability to see customer emails and phone numbers.

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 hi what is the status of this request - along with preventing users from seeing customer emails and phone numbers. And preventing users from exporting data???

you are going to lose me as a customer