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End of Day Reports

New Contributor

We will need to get the Federal Express Shipping Manifest- End of Day Report to display the barcode for all Federal Express orders that are being picked up from our warehouse, daily.  We will need that barcode to confirm that Federal Express has scanned all the orders that we are handing them, that day.  Please note, this service of getting the Barcoded Shipping Manifest is very important for us, as Federal Express has been loosing many of our shipments before they are arriving at their Shipping Station.  We have lost hundreds of dollars in the last few weeks due to certain packages not being scanned and getting lost.  We are then, forced to replace these order with no compensation for our lost merchandise.  

We understand that this service is available if requested...  We are requesting to have access to this service under the contract that we have with ShipStation.  Please do contact us to make these arrangements. 


Thank you, 

Bridget Segui

GlobMarble, Inc. 

347-717-4088 Ext. 0 



Hi Bridget, 


I did a bit of research to find out if a manifest with barcodes was available through our platform. Currently, there is no way to adjust the type of FedEx manifest that you print through our End of Day process. 


At this time, only FedEx Ground, Home Delivery, and Smartpost shipments from the US or Canada are available to close in ShipStation's End of Day screen and the manifest produced does not include barcodes - only tracking numbers and other shipment details like Add'l Handling, Residential, COD, Overside, and Incl. Val.


For FedEx shipments to be included on this manifest they must include at least one of the following: 

  • FedEx Ground or Home Delivery (domestic) service

  • COD Amount

  • Declared Value greater than 100 U.S. dollars

  • 84" Oversize

  • Additional Handling

  • Acknowledgment of Delivery (A.O.D)

  • Residential

I'm not sure if there is another way to receive a manifest that includes barcodes or not. You may want to contact your FedEx rep to discuss these options further.

Sarah H.
Austin, Tx