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Export Orders Automatically


Is it possible for Shipstation to set Automation Rules that allow the user to export orders automatically to a csv file on a specific time with set criteria for filter?

Or is it possible to Orders to be synced to a Google Sheet and allow export of orders automatically without logging in the Shipstation and doing manual work of exporting orders which is a redundant process done every day?

Dev team please help!


New Contributor


To automatically have your orders synced to a GoogleSheet, I would suggest that you use the Shipstation Webhooks

You would need to develop a program which would reside somewhere on the cloud (AWS etc) which Shipstation will call whenever a new order is created on Shipstation (via the Shipstation webhook)

Your program would then need to parse out the data sent by Shipstation and update the GoogleSheet with the new order data (via the GoogleSheet API)

Hope this helps!


AWS is expensive.

Can Zapier do the automated exporting of orders?

New Contributor

Yes, you could even use Zapier.

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Hello Puffy,

You can use Shipstation webhooks, and they can be developed with the help of any developer.
We also support custom integrations, in case you need any help, we are reachable via email from here -

thank you!


I use (instead of Zapier) I have a workflow built where it creates a new spreadsheet with the current time stamp, adds the headings to the file, list my shipstation shipments based on a criteria (I use products but it could be any variable) and have it add those matching shipments to the google sheet. I only have it populating the recipient name, shipment cost and tracking number but again you can pull anything out of the database.