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Feedback on new shipstation and what I miss about the old one.


Here is some of my feedback and ways to improve shipstation:

Laggy when purchasing labels:
This new system looks nice, but it is extremely laggy and I oftentimes have to refresh the entire window to get my labels purchased and printed. It just gets stuck. This did not happen with the old interface. 

SKU Sorting is sometimes inaccurate:
I sort my orders by SKU, and oftentimes it's sorted incorrectly and it is frustrating. 

Link to batch that was just processed:
The old shipstation would provide a link to the batch that was just processed (labels purchased). The new system doesn't have it, so I have to manually go into shipments and search for it. Please bring back the link to the batch view. 

Overall the time I spend on processing orders has increased with the new interface... I held on to the old system for as long as possible until I was forced to adopt this new one. My main complaints are listed above.. the rest is ok, but I miss the old one because it worked much faster.