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How to omit certain packing slip details based on specific items


Original post by user Adam Daley


I drop ship for a customer of mine (we use BigCommerce). I have my packing slips setup nicely but I want to do something custom.


Right now my own store name/info appears on the packing slips. I'd love the ability to print my customers info instead.

I have a custom field I use ONLY for this customer. In Big Commerce it's a PO # field we've added to the address book. I then edit the first custom field in ShipStation and put the PO # in. So when I print my packing slips I show the PO # below the ORDER #


I'm looking for a way to have an IF THEN statement in my packing slip. Basically IF a PO # exists THEN print ABC Company as the store name. ELSE if PO # does not exist then print XYZ Company as the store name.


Another use for this is that I also manually enter an item called "PO #" so that I can easily see the PO # in shipstation (it does not import custom fields from bigcommerce). So i'd love to be able to say IF SKU is PO # then DONT PRINT IT. So it does not show up in the item list.


Anybody know of a way to do this?



Original reply from Robert S. (ShipStation employee)


Hi Adam,

We're not currently able to add conditional formatting to packing slip templates, so there's not any way to change the store name that would appear based on the presence of other fields on the packing slip. We also cannot selectively remove items from the item list on packing slips.


You could create another packing slip template which uses the store name you desire, and switch to use that packing slip template for this customer's orders.


You could even automate the process if you tag all the products with a specific tag, then set up an automation rule using that tag as criteria with an action to use the customized packing slip.


I need this feature too.  I've seen this same answer on other areas of ShipStation and google but no one will tell me how to create another packing slip. 


Can you please provide a link or guide on adding another packing slip template?


Also you'll need to change the notification emails from both your website and shipstation.  The packing slip is just one of many notifications they get.






David M.

Hemp Lively

Hi David!


To create another packing slip template, you must first be on a Silver plan or higher. If you are, go to Settings > Templates > Packing Slips. You can then either create a template from scratch, copy the default template and edit it, or copy another template to edit that one. 


You can find more details about creating custom packing slip templates in the Create Custom Packing Slips article on our help center. I hope this helps!