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Is there a way to add an image on the packing slip footer section?


Hi Community,


Is there a way to add an external source image on the packing slip footer section? I am trying to add a QR code but only see white spaces on the image box! Any leads would be appreciated! 



We're also looking for a solution to this (but a custom image, not QR code).


Hi @VP


Thanks for being a part of this community and for your post. 


I would be curious to see what code you inserted to add this. Can you please share the HTML for the template, the dimension of the QR code image, and where the image URL so we can take a closer look? 


-Erin: Your Friendly ShipStation Community Manager 

Occasional Contributor

Same issue. It's just a blank white square. 


Where are y'all hosting the image of your QR Code? I uploaded mine and it worked great!

Hi Everyone, 


@CDawgBeShippin, thanks for your comment and for being a part of our community, I think you have exactly hit the nail on the head here about image hosting. Back when I worked with the support team I had a few cases where users were seeing just blank boxes instead of images when the packing slip was printed. What it boiled down to was that the code that tells the packing slip to load and render an image was taking too long to render the image when the label was generated and printed with a placeholder.


This is why we recommend uploading your images from third-party hosting sites instead of pulling image URLs directly from your site. 


This is especially true when you can see the image loading and generating from within the ShipStation UI, but not on your packing slip. To check this from your end you will select an order that is assigned to your customized packing slip, find the print drop-down and select packing slip, select the preview in browser option from the printing modal, and see if the image has been generated in your preview. If it is generating in your preview but not when you print, you will want to upload your image to the image hosting site of your choosing and update your image URL to the brand new hosted link. 


Screen Recording 2021-11-23 at 12.00.54 PM.gif

Hopefully, this helps you out, however, if you are still having trouble with this I would recommend reaching out to support to help you troubleshoot further. 


-Erin: Your Friendly ShipStation Community Manager 



I think what could fix it is giving some small storage space for paying users to upload logos and images to use on ShipStation's servers.

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Great idea, I think the same.

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Did anyone ever find a solution to this?

I found that an external image can be added when using a similar code below:

<img src="[Store Logo]" />

The part is an image resizer.   External images appear when that is included but unfortunately no matter the dimensions added, the image comes in skewed and blurred.    For the life of me I can not add an image without it.   


Yeah I find the solution upload the svg code. 😊
If you have not then upload in figma and transport as a svg.