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Issues with combining orders


I'm having severe issues with combining orders, I've reported it a few times and have heard nothing in terms of progress for fixing it.


I click order alerts for orders to pop up that are able to be combined.


I select a customer to combine the orders they have with us and the "combine shipments" button goes transparent and is unusable. I have to go into the customer's row, load a new page, highlight the orders, combine and then go back to dismiss the alert.


Never mind the fact that we should be able to automatically combine orders as that's a basic function regardless. On top of the fact I built a program that could ID and combine orders within ShipStation's API if they'd just allow it to function.


In addition to that, I'm also starting to get multiple reports from customers that their order was shipped elsewhere. When I go to look, somehow their order got combined with someone else's. Even though the order alert screen is only supposed to highlight orders that match with each other, it apparently wants to combine others into it as well. It also never gave any sort of warning like the old system saying that the labels are going to a different location.


I tested this by making two manual orders that are going to different addresses and when I tried to combine them manually, it went seamlessly, no warning, no error. If I wasn't paying attention, I would have never known that those were different addresses that got combined together


Regardless of that however, leave it to ShipStation to somehow make combining orders take even more unnecessary amounts of time. At this point, it's pathetic.




Hey there @dbminting


Thank you for providing us this detailed feedback on your combining orders experience!


I know that our team is working on making this process better as we move forward, and I will absolutely be presenting your case to them accordingly. While I don't have any combining orders announcements at this time, we will make it known as soon as we do! 

From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!