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NO CHAT! So tired of the runaround......Silver level

Occasional Contributor

The last several months using SS have been abysmal.  The new platform sucks and is way less productive than the previous 6 years!

I do not get the bot, I do not get the chat option.  How am I supposed to resolve issues or is this a way to get people bump their level to one that includes phone support?!

This is maddening.



We are also very frustrated with SS and are looking into other platforms.

Hey there, 


I'm sorry to hear about the support experience you're describing. We want to make sure that everyone can reach support when needed. 


I can absolutely confirm that the steps listed in this knowledge base article about contacting ShipStation support via the chat widget are accurate and will lead you to a direct chat interaction if followed. Additionally, you can also always reach out to our team via email at


We look forward to hearing from you to help get to the root of whatever issue you may be experiencing!

From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!