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New spliting the order issue

New Contributor

The new split order is confusing to our departments because when split it uses the same order number and each department can see the other half of the orders and marking as ship (or adding the tracking number) is also an issue on the new split order. Can you make an option so we can still use the old split order where the other half is renamed as  XXXXXX-1. This new split order is really caused confusion to our team and it changed our work process. Thanks!



Occasional Contributor

I agree with you. Having all the packages listed under one order # is super confusing. The order splits into 2 shipments, but the two shipments show the exact info. I just click on the order #'s until I find the one with the parts I just split. 🙄

Occasional Contributor

ShipStation must fix this issue.  We always have to go back to the old layout v2 to be able to properly split an order properly. The new layout only allows the order number to be the same for all split line items. That's horrible. We go back to the old version which properly allows you to add -1, -2, -3, etc to split line items. In v3 ShipStation at least needs to allow users to change the split order number to be different if they want to, like v2.  There are several other discussion threads on this same issue, and I've entered this same issue on the forums and in feedback over and over.

Occasional Contributor

i agree, this change is terrible.