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Notes overwritten when combining orders

Frequent Contributor

I had two separate orders to the same customer.  Each had notes that I had added to the individual orders.  I combined the orders so I could ship them together, and found that this removed the notes for one of the orders.  Those notes included special requests for the order, which are now gone. 


This did not happen in V2, the notes would be merged when orders were combined.  Why why why would you make this change?


Please let us go back to V2 as I am finding V3 more and more unusable by the day and will soon be finding a new shipping platform.


Frequent Contributor

I also noticed that when combining orders, the grand total of all orders no longer shows up (and total shipping fee paid) - only the first order total is shown. Now you have to manually calculate the total for the insurance field.


It also no longer gives you a packing slip with the combined items- it just gives you the items in the first order.

That's not correct. We combine orders in V3 and the packing slip shows all the items from both orders. I just created two orders and combined then, then printed the packing slip and both orders items were on it. The one time we really screw this up is when we print an order's packing list when it first comes in and then the customer places an additional order. We combine in shipstation, but then pack the box with only the first orders items because we forgot to print the second slip before combining (or after).