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Return Portal Questions

Occasional Contributor
  1. Can the return portal be embedded on a website page? I only need the form. 
  2. Will the return portal work for orders NOT shipped with Shipstation? Example if i canceled and fulfilled some other way. 
  3. If the order has more than 1 item or multiples of 1 item and was shipped with multiple packages, will Shipstation provide more than 1 return label? 
  4. Will the return label use the same specs as the order label? example carrier and weight and dims. 

Hey there! 


1. To my knowledge, the return portal cannot be embedded but I do see the need for this ability! 

2. Not currently, to show up in the returns portal, the shipment will need to be initiated in ShipStation.

3. split shipments and multiple package returns are not yet supported.

4. Yes, unless specified otherwise during your branded returns portal setup. 


I would absolutely recommend reading over the full article on branded returns if you haven't had a chance to yet as well.


I hope this helps! 🙂 


From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!